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TCaseyI've been playing voice over guy, announcer guy, and TV anchor guy since I was six, determined to make it happen one day. Back then, a stick made a great handheld microphone in my self-appointed role of “sports commentator” even as I played in neighborhood baseball & football games.

“Stick mics” gave way to spoons, and new roles. A  DJ spinning records (yes records!) one day, and a TV weatherman the next day brandishing a yardstick to track imaginary fronts sweeping across a large, tattered map of the United States I had taped to the wall. On the production end, I would read the Hardy Boys aloud at bedtime, fading out my voice as mental images of video accompanied by dialogue faded in.

Not long after, I got my first tape recorder. It was a tiny reel-to-reel, but it worked, it was mine and I recorded everything. I mean EVERYTHING! It drove my parents nuts and really irritated my little brother. Then I got a job at the local grocery store and got my "first break". The manager rescued me from bagboy duty near closing time every week to “announce” over the store’s sound system that prices on bananas and other items were being slashed! My first experience ad-libbing hard-sell "spots".

I landed my first real broadcasting job at WSUN (Why Stay Up North), an established, reputable radio station in St. Petersburg, FL, writing and voicing copy every day! Program Director Tony Pavone and News Director Hugh Brown taught me so much, and were patient and encouraging. After several years, I resigned as News Director and video-cameragot my degree at the University of Florida. I tumbled into television and a career as an award winning TV news anchor and reporter at such broadcast pioneers as Atlanta's WSB TV & Tampa's WTVT plus outside voiceover work including documentaries, industrials and corporate narrations. Along the way I accumulated more experience in wonderful cities such as Charleston, SC and Jacksonville, FL .

Everything I’d learned came into play when I started my own business as a voice over and on-camera talent. I was able to build on an aready strong foundation as a solid spokesman, TV, video and e-host. Being a strong writer and interviewer enabled me to host and produce programs, write scripts, and occasionally direct other talent. I enjoy wearing many diferent hats.

Who hires me? My clients include PGA TOUR (well over 10 years); Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (more than 10 years); numerous federal agencies; Air Canada; Navy Tech Online Training; Lockheed Martin Missiles & Fire Control; Operation Lifesaver/Intl Assn Chief of Police, literally hundreds of sales and marketing videos, industrial and corporate video narrations, on-hold messages and many others.

The passion and creativity that flared into life "way back when" still thrives. I love what I do, and am blessed to be able to do it.

I'd love to talk to you about your project, so get in touch!